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"What an inspiration, it was long since an hour went this fast. World class. @birgersdotter" //United Spaces

"Susanne is a true role model and inspirer. She generously shares her story of becoming a super entrepreneur, how to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, the importance of building strong teams and surround yourself with great people, and above all - dare to take the leap to become an entrepreneur. Listening to Susanne’s enthusiasm and drive, you get so inspired and motivated that you feel that nothing is impossible"


"Nominated, Most powerful female founder" 

2017, 2018, 2019 // Dagens Industri

"Nominated, The most powerful business women 2019" // Veckans Affärer

"Nominated, Women of the decade in entrepreneurship and innovation" // Women economic forum


"Inspired by @birgersdotter @Tedx she talked about captaining ships even if they’re made of paper, pivotal moments. Love all with that badass women."

// RogueFong Tedx Wilmington

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by: Birgersdotter





Susanne Birgersdotter, keynote speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur makes appearances in New York and San Fransisco with her new book, Pivotal Moments. A candidate truth from a female serial entrepreneur.

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Susanne Birgersdotter, keynote speaker, author, serial entrepreneur brings together women doers from all over the world in a closed personal community. 

Susanne Birgersdotter, a Swedish self made entrepreneur and investor, has gone from designing her first app from her kitchen table to becoming one of the most influential entrepreneurs and brand builder within 7 years. Susanne’s strong instincts and intuition has helped her grow her companies including designing a #1 ranked app and founding IGOTCHA, SthlmAppLab, SBDM & Birgersdotter Innovate where she has her own fashion and tech brand by:Birgersdotter designing leather goods, handbags, jewelry etc with a twist of tech.