30 days left! TEDx blog post.

So this is my second blog about TEDx Wilmington. I’m getting closer to the big date and i’m also getting more nervous. But i also know that being nervous is quite good because that makes you focus even more. I’m probably driving my family and friends crazy with all of this since they have to listen to me talking about it all the time and also listen to me speaking and rehearsing all over the house.

When i started with this i also got myself a Coach that the TEDx org recommended and she is the best, Dana Dobson, we are laughing, working and talking. She is correcting me and giving me the best advice ever.

I think about this everyday and even in my sleep, it’s all over me and it’s so much fun, im so happy that I been giving this opportunity and yesterday I was invited to be the first speaker of a big event in Sweden, and they wanted to know everything about the TEDx and they are so proud of me and that i’m going to do this.

I have also been thinking more and more about my topic and the importance of it and now that I know I will be able to “spread the word” it makes me feel more comfortable then ever about standing on that stage in front of the cameras.

And I also started to write a book about my journey and Pivotal moments and all because of this TEDx invitation. It makes me dream bigger and also letting other know that it’s never too late to make your dream come through.


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