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Susanne Birgersdotter, a Swedish self made entrepreneur and investor, has gone from designing her first app from her kitchen table to becoming one of the most influential entrepreneurs and brand builder within 7 years. Susanne’s strong instincts and intuition has helped her grow her companies including designing a #1 ranked app and founding IGOTCHA, SthlmAppLab, SBDM & Birgersdotter Innovate where she has her own fashion and tech brand by:Birgersdotter designing leather goods, handbags, jewelry etc with a twist of tech.

She is an active mentor and member on several boards and a popular global speaker giving lectures and workshops on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Susanne is also a TEDx speaker. Susanne was nominated for Sweden’s most powerful female founder in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Susanne was also nominated as one of 125 most powerful women in Business

Susanne also founded the female network World Women Network and have been writing the book Pivotal Moments.

 "Pivotal Moments" 

This book is not a business manual or a personal memoir—it’s the story of success and failure, of one woman’s struggle to realize her dreams. It’s a book about those pivotal moments in our lives that shape us.


The way to the top is never easy. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is often beset by countless obstacles and challenges. In Pivotal Moments, you will follow Susanne’s exciting journey from high school dropout to becoming one of Scandinavia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs. 


“With this book, I hope to challenge you to follow your dreams. To dare to take the step out into the unknown. I can’t promise you success, but my hope is that my journey will provide you with inspiration and insight into the life of an entrepreneur. If I could do it, you can too.”

5 Reasons to book Susanne as your next keynote speaker.

 1. Susanne has a big impact as a speaker since her journey as a a entrepreneur comes from a true story and she have a pleasantly confrontational style.

2. After the keynote, you leave the room with new insights, new ideas and a "kick-ass" mind.

3. Susanne has spoken for TEDx because of her authentic, impressive inspiring and strong keynotes.

4. For the past 12 years, Susanne was a entrepreneur and also a famous Tech- entrepreneur herself. So expect a really roller coaster story when she tells you all about how you make it from the kitchen table to one of the most important female founders.

5. You’re not the first, many preceded you
TEDx, South Summit, Login, 4YFN, Ellevate, SACC NY and many other organisations in many sectors and industries preceded you.

"Susanne is a true role model and inspirer. She generously shares her story of becoming a super entrepreneur, how to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, the importance of building strong teams and surround yourself with great people, and above all - dare to take the leap to become an entrepreneur. Listening to Susanne’s enthusiasm and drive, you get so inspired and motivated that you feel that nothing is impossible"

Heidi Ershult, Nordnet