About Susanne Birgersdotter

Serial Entrepreneur | Global Speaker | Author

Susanne's Story

Susanne is the Founder of IGOTCHA , Stockholm App Lab, SBDM invest and Birgersdotter Innovate. Susanne is also partner in the investment company MilkyWayCap.


Susanne Birgersdotter, a Swedish self made entrepreneur and investor, has gone from designing her first app from her kitchen table to becoming a partner in the VC company, Milky Way Cap within 7 years. Susanne’s strong instincts and intuition has helped her grow her companies including designing a #1 ranked app and founding IGOTCHA, SthlmAppLab & SBDM.

She is an active mentor and member on several boards and a popular global speaker giving lectures and workshops on entrepreneurship and venture capital. Susanne is also a TEDx speaker. Susanne was nominated for Sweden’s most powerful female founder in 2017 and 2018.

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