Business advisor

Providing inspirational coaching for profitable results.

Gain valuable advice from an genuin entrepreneur and experienced advisor.

Start-Up Advisory Training

As an entrepreneur who developed her own app and a game studio , Susanne has a unique perspective on startup business training. Susanne will help you with your pitch, how to approach to investors, business plan and how to build your business.

Business Coaching

Susanne is a successful owner & founder of several tech businesses. In her coaching sessions she will provide you with valuable tools and information.

Team Building

Utilize Susanne’s expertise and professional network to develop your team's vision. Believe in yourself, & don’t let failure get in your way!

Prosperous Business Owner

Identify and fill a need!

It's simple - fill a need.

When her daughter needed help with multiplication tables, Susanne immediately thought, “There must be an app for that.” And when there wasn’t, she decided to create her own.

Susanne coaches startup entrepreneurs on how to jumpstart their business, increase their profits and build their teams.

Her advice to potential entrepreneurs?

You don’t need experience.

Be prepared for setbacks for they will cross your path. Stand your ground!

All you need is passion and the drive to succeed.

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