Here we go #TEDxWilmington

I woke up five in the morning starting to prepare everything for this big day, this is something i have been longing for and i was so ready. I had butterflies in my stomach the hole morning and it was my turn to enter the stage 9.15. I called my husband 10 times before and every time i almost started to cry, i don’t know why but i guess i was a bit nervous.

Ajit told us this TEDx will be live and i wasn’t sure if i was happy or just more nervous about that, but i did send the link to some of my friends and yes i did post it on both instagram and facebook hoping that nobody would watch it and in the same time i wished everyone would watch

BUT I DID IT. I didn’t follow my script i almost forget what i was supposed to say but i did it, I’m not used to follow scripts when I’m speaking i always talk from my heart so this was something new for me, BUT I DID IT.

Im now officially a TEDx speaker and i want to thank Ajit for giving me the change to become one. I want to do it again and again and again…..and i hope you all are ready for my book now, pivotal moments.

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