Innovation (and rain) in Holland

5 days in Holland to study innovation, leadership and above all that ” myself”, my strengths and weaknesses and how I can become a better businesswoman. I was in Amsterdam for a keynote speak before Christmas and in the audience sat a man who later contacted me and he has created this program. Once a year he shares a prize in the form of a person going  this program for free and in 2019 he chose me. I am extremely grateful and happy that he chose me, he said that he sees that I can develop so much more and that I have many qualities that I should learn more about and also what I am bad at, if I can improve myself Even in those areas I will eventually get better and better.


So here I am, in a hotel room in Holland the last day before I go home. Soon on my way to my last lesson, I’m exited to see what this will take me further.




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