7 Steps to making your first app


This is a handbook to make an app in 7 easy step by Susanne Birgersdotter. Its a hands-on approach to app making and gives you the instructions you need to help you on the way to release your app. 70 pages of hard-learned lessons for you to use.


Did you ever think of making your first app? This is the guide from Susanne Birgersdotter on how to do it. She wanted to help her daughter learn the math table and saw the opportunity to do something that could also possibly get her to understand and get into a new business. She learned the hard way how to create an app with no prior knowledge of app making. She tells her story, the ups, and downs and her best tips from her journey. These ways taught her enough to make an app that ended up as a #1 in the app store. It does not have to be so hard and all the tools are out there for anyone to use. This is a 70 page handbook on how to do it from your kitchen table.
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