Find inspiration through Susanne's broad experiences.

The Secrets of Finding Your Way Forward

Susanne's lectures are inspiring, motivational and energizing as she generously shares her tools and strategies on how to find ways forward in the industry.

Let Susanne inspire you with her broad experiences of building a global business.

Popular Talks:

  • Find out valuable information on Susanne's  various companies, why they attract lots of investors and how she has managed to become a significant landmark in the Tech Business.


  • From kitchen table to owning several tech companies


  • Susanne shares her story about her journey from the kitchen table to owning multiple tech companies and travelling the world as a keynote speaker.


  • Dare to take the plunge and opportunities when they arise

Susanne encourages her audience to dare to take the plunge and seize opportunities when they arise. She inspires listeners to courageously explore uncharted territory and believe in themselves.


  • “Life puzzle” as a CEO & business owner

A male-dominated and extremely competitive industry presents many obstacles for would-be entrepreneurs – not only for balancing time with partners and families, but in the whole puzzle of life.

  • Learn about the possibilities of location-based apps and how you can use them to engage audiences and partners of your company's products or services.

Inspiring Audiences to obtain Success

Susanne Birgersdotter is an serial entrepreneur, global Speaker and professional coach

Meet Susanne Birgersdotter, a successful business owner who found her passion by chance while sitting at the kitchen table.


Motivational Keynotes

Susanne's lectures inspires and motivates.
She generously shares tools and strategies on how to find ways forward in the industry.

Overcoming Setbacks

Susanne raises awareness regarding the obstacles that inevitably emerges along the way.

Taking the Decisive Step

With Susanne's help, the audience can find the confidence to take the final definitive step to invest in their own entrepreneurship.

Being a Female Founder

Susanne shares her experience on the challenges of being a female Tech entrepreneur and the obstacles she have had to overcome.